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Three Years Late

I have been away for quite a while, so let me start again by sharing with you some DIY crafts I made as gifts for my colleagues for Christmas 2013. I know it’s long overdue (my last entry was for Christmas 2012–oh no!). I’ve been away for more than 3 years, but that is because I was busy with my studies, work, completing my 30 before 30 list, playing video games and managing this page.

So enough excuses and back to the project. I had 30 colleagues at that time so I chose a budget-friendly gift that couldn’t be disliked by anyone–chocolates!

I created Christmas-themed wrappers for these chocolates using photo paper. There was Santa Claus, Snowman, The Elf, Angel and Rudolph.

I also used StarBucks bottles to put Maltesers Chocolates to serve as Rudolph’s poop, and Hershey Kisses as Santa’s kisses.

Make sure to wash the bottle properly and soak it in boiling water to sterilize it. Doing that will also help peel off the StarBucks sticker.

To remove the remaining adhesive from the sticker and get rid off the expiry date imprinted on to the bottle, rub it with a scour brush–I used a Scotch Brite dish pad.

I hid the StarBucks logo in the cap with an image I got from the web. I altered the size to fit the caps, printed and glued it.

Starbucks Bottle Gift

Unfortunately, not everyone is allowed to have sweets. So I made The Grinch Pills using a small bottle I got from Daiso and put in some green M&Ms.

Grinch Pills

As always, my husband helped me a lot with this project. I had to make wraps for thirty people in a limited time so I asked for his help. Luckily, he is always ready to assist me.

My favorite part in this project was when I needed to drop the gifts off. I remember we finished it around 1 AM (I was to fly out on vacation the next day) and went to the office to drop it off. It was so cold and quiet. We put the chocolates on everyone’s desks. I feel like I was Santa dropping gifts off so that everyone would have a good morning!

Of course, my second favorite part was that my colleagues loved it. It was nice to make 30 people smile using an inexpensive gift and letting them know that you remembered them.


I hope this post inspires you to create more personalized gifts for your loved ones. ♥


Christmas Gift for Kids!

The cool breeze, carol-singing, Christmas tree, wreath, lights, strangers greeting you “Merry Christmas!” and above all, accepting unexpected gifts from friends and family makes Christmas my favourite holiday.

I like giving toys to kids, but I would prefer giving them books, puzzles or any other learning material that is appropriate for their age. Toys are a lot of fun for kids, for sure, but books open up their imaginations, which in my opinion is more fulfilling.

This Christmas, my husband and I thought of giving his niece an early start on the value of saving money by giving her a Savings Can.

Photo Dec 14, 13 17 04

We padded the can by putting in a 100 dirhams starter with a “Congratulations!” and a “Use it wisely!” note on it. But of course, we will not tell her what exactly we put in the can so that she’ll strive to fill it up and open it soon.

Photo Dec 14, 14 46 48

Photo Dec 14, 14 43 43

I hope she’ll like it! ♥

Just Married

In my 30 before 30 list I had mentioned that I would like to decorate my wedding reception someday. Unfortunately, due to a series of mishaps we had to postpone the kind of reception we originally planned. That did not stop us from having a small celebration at home though.

Being introverts, my husband and I are not very good at throwing a party, so we tried making the house look livelier by decorating it with something to talk about, like photos on the wall!

Each photo has a story to tell, like the first bouquet he gave me, his “I’m sorry” flowers, our first pet, his favourite photo of us, my bachelorette party, etc.

The wall opposite the TV has nothing interesting on it, so we decorated it with hearts and Mr. & Mrs. cutouts.

And of course, what is a wedding without the “Just Married” banner?

What about the favours? We had less than a week to plan the party, which is why we settled for a consumable wedding favour, like cupcakes. We thought of macaroons first, but I did not have enough time to create small boxes, neither were they easily available.

We got the cupcakes from Cinnabon and the boxes from another store, whilst the cupcake toppers and the “Thank you!” tags are all DIYs.

After the party we also gave our three witnesses different gifts according to their personality and a framed photo of the three of them together.

Hopefully, after a year or two there will be an updated wedding celebration that I have decorated the way I’ve dreamed it would be. Until then, let us raise our glasses in a toast to married life! ♥

BP Decorations and Food

One thing that I planned to have for my party as a ceiling decoration were balloons. I was hoping I could have helium-filled black and pink balloons with “Kate’s Bachelorette Party!” written on them but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any. Boo hoo!

Banner, party favours, invitation letter, cupcake toppers and door sign.

See how satisfied I was with my cupcake toppers? Heh. I also tried to make some of the foods served a bit fun, I called one of my canapés, Penis on the Cob. It’s basically just a cocktail hot dog with crab meat balls beside it.

Cheers! ♥

Invitation Letter


That’s my niece, my cousin and I. I got that photo from my mum’s phone. I was making an envelope for this:


I came up with the layout myself *ahem* I got the picture online so I just copied and pasted it. My fiancé put it all together and edited the colour and alignment. Here’s another photo of it with the envelope that I made:


I am grateful for my sister’s help in making the envelopes. ♥

Party Favours

I love gifts! Who doesn’t? But aside from receiving gifts, I also enjoy giving them. I thought really hard about the best bachelorette party favours, I obviously haven’t attended one before this. So, I settled for something girly and handy, something they could use at the bar (which was our second stop) and something sweet.


Before I had the candy bags sealed, I put a Durex condom inside it. I bought some travel-size toiletries from Soap&Glory and some glow in the dark bracelets in different colours. After that, I packed it using cling wrap, wrapped it with pink special paper and then tied it with a black ribbon. I also made these:


Their initials are just stickers I bought from Accessorize and below is the photo of all the materials I used:


I was glad they all liked it. ♥

Door Sign

Very simple and easy! I just bought a special paper, put two small holes on it, tie the hot pink ribbon and… brainstorm–how you will print the texts without an offset printer. How?


It wasn’t what I visualized having as a door sign for my party but it also didn’t turn out so bad.


So, what do you think? ♥

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