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Christmas Gift for Kids!

The cool breeze, carol-singing, Christmas tree, wreath, lights, strangers greeting you “Merry Christmas!” and above all, accepting unexpected gifts from friends and family makes Christmas my favourite holiday.

I like giving toys to kids, but I would prefer giving them books, puzzles or any other learning material that is appropriate for their age. Toys are a lot of fun for kids, for sure, but books open up their imaginations, which in my opinion is more fulfilling.

This Christmas, my husband and I thought of giving his niece an early start on the value of saving money by giving her a Savings Can.

Photo Dec 14, 13 17 04

We padded the can by putting in a 100 dirhams starter with a “Congratulations!” and a “Use it wisely!” note on it. But of course, we will not tell her what exactly we put in the can so that she’ll strive to fill it up and open it soon.

Photo Dec 14, 14 46 48

Photo Dec 14, 14 43 43

I hope she’ll like it! ♥


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